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I managed to secure a short-notice shoot with the lovely Jezebelle yesterday and managed to take over 650 images. The shoot went well (as you'll have guessed) and I'm already sort of planning the next outing with her.

The run up to the shoot wasn't auspicous however, as the day after we'd made arrangements, my car broke down. It's still waiting to go to the garage which can't see it until week after next due to other work and the owner going on holiday. Then, just the night before, my computer power supply decided to die on me so I couldn't review the images I'd sent her and which I intended to use as inspiration. Nonetheless, it went well and some of the images are up on my DA portfolio.
After a very busy few weeks, I've now arranged a shoot with Amaranta Lilly who doesn't seem to feature on dA at all. If the shoot goes well, I'll have to see about rectifying that omission!
Further shoots now arranged with Roswell Ivory and Elle Beth. This is in addition to the already arranged shoot with Kayla. Suitable images to appear here in due course!
I've just arranged another shoot with Tillie; light fetish and bondage this time as opposed to art nude.

Selected images--if I think they're good enough, that is--up shortly afterwards.